Make it easier on yourself – get academic help!

Classmates, teachers, counselors

We don’t expect you to know it all or instantly be skilled, otherwise we wouldn’t call what we do in school learning!  So we encourage talking with classmates about work strategies, forming study groups, teaching each other, and sharing resources. 

In then, there are your teachers and counselors!  Hey we’re in this “business” because we like to see young people learn and grow.  So HELP US HELP YOU by talking with us when you want to improve your grade, you’re not understanding something or feel you need more time or resources to do your best work.

After School Tutoring and the Library

Every day after school you can go to the College and Career Center for help from trained tutors in almost all subjects.  Also, check the list below for the teachers that offer after school tutoring in their classrooms. The library at lunch or after school is also a great place to study with friends and get help from our top-notch librarians!

Teach Yourself!

Not quite getting your teacher’s lesson or want a different perspective?  The internet is full of great tools in this regard.  Seriously.  Here are some we suggest:

Khan Academy: Free and fun lessons and exercises on almost any topic. Just create an account and you’re in for the ride into whatever subject you want to explore.

Youtube:  Yep, youtube.  Type in the topic of your interest and see what’s there – remember to check your sources for reliability.  For example, did you know BHS science teacher Glenn Wolkenfeld has million of views on his science music videos?