November 7, 2016

October 21 PAG Meeting

Next PAG Meeting – Friday, November 18 at 8:00 a.m.

October Meeting


Welcome / Socialize

Teacher Professional Development Presentation


  • Website Update
  • Exam Registration
  • CAS Advisers
  • Need a PAG member on the Advisory Council
  • PAG meeting snack sign-ups

Small Groups

  • Fundraising letter for review
  • 10th grade community trip
  • 11th grande trip to OMCA – Black Panther
  • 12th grade Live Oak park on December 1



PAG mtg, 10/21
Attendees: Shannon, Chris, Ross Melissa, 14 parents

  • Announcements: new website advisory council, PAG stuff, Nancy is the new webmaster. Hoping to get videos for students on how to do CAS, exam registration and extended essay.
  • Nov 7 deadline to register for IB exams. Either for the diploma or just course certificates
  • CAS advisors, students sharing reflections on activities and need parent feedback. Time and logistics tips
  • Advisory council- 5 students, 5 parents, 5 teachers, Tracy volunteers with Sabrina as the alternate
  • Professional Development for Teachers–Ross and Melissa. PD means what we teach and how we teach it. How we teach: teacher learning to refine practices. Learning from counselors about what works for different students. Teachers meet Mondays, alternating one week regarding school issues such as equity and team building, the other in subject area departments to deal with issues such as the math resequencing.
  • Vertical and horizontal alignments. Vertical is about courses building on one another from 9th -12th grades. Horizontal who are the students that are not mastering the material and how them to bring them up. Culturally responsive teaching.
  • Question re consistency in grading. IHS has no school policy on consistency
  • Question re when PD happens: Monday mornings, modeling with each other and departmental meetings, as well as teacher assessments
  • Question re identifying students that need help. Teachers should be raising the issues with other teachers and staff. E.g. Math 1 where 40% of students can struggle. Math VP Administration involvement to see if it’s a grading policy issue or teachers issue.
  • Small groups: fundraising, 10th grade trip, 11th grade trip to Oakland Museum, 12th grade trip
  • Fundraising letter will be online with links
  • 12th grade trip to Live Oak Park, 12/1. Questions re food
  • 10th grade trip 11/2 at strawberry creek. dividing groups ahead of time, active games and other games, no cell phones.
  • 11th grade field trip. Jessica will go this weekend to do recon