IB Certificate and Diploma Pathways

Click the link below to review sample schedules of typical BIHS Class of 2020 students.

  1. One schedule shows a fairly common pathway taken by a student to get the IB diploma who might aim to major in the sciences in college.  Use the BHS course catalog (latest version available on the BHS main website) to see what other options are for your child.
  2. The other schedule shows a student who is not interested in the diploma, but instead a “Renaissance Human” liberal arts schedule.
  3. IMPORTANT NOTE: We have several graduates who have attended Top 5 universities who earned or did not earn the IB diploma.  The IB diploma is great and can often help a student’s college admission chances, but more generally, the BIHS education and BHS social experience is understood by many admissions officers (AO’s) as an especially strong preparation for university academics and life.  A student may not be getting the IB diploma, but is an organizational leader for a cause that impassions them.  This can earn an applicant just as many or more “points” with AO’s as earning the diploma.  BHS graduates typically not only graduate from college, but are often active contributors and leaders in their college communities.

Sample Schedules for Class of 2020 Students
Sample schedules for Class of 2021 students coming soon.

Click the link below for a worksheet to plan out your pathway to getting the IB diploma at Berkeley High School through the junior and senior year.

IB Diploma Worksheet


take 3 or 4 higher level (HL) exams, and 2 or 3 standard level (SL) exams for six exams total. The student must also successfully complete the Extended Essay and TOK course (taught together) and Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) requirement, carried out independently with the support of the IB coordinator.

IB rules that must be followed as you plan your schedule:

  1. Must take a test in each of groups #1-5. A 6th test can be taken in any group (see BIHS-specific hexagon below or on the worksheet).
  2. At least 3 of the tests must be higher level (HL) [test taken during senior year – all HLs are 2-yr courses].
  3. You may only take two SL tests your junior year (so make sure you don’t sign up for 3 classes that have tests in May during your junior year! All SLs are 1-yr courses EXCEPT Math SL).
  4. Must complete “the core” (TOK, EE, CAS). TOK is a class, EE happens in TOK, and students do CAS independent of any course.